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The Shinshin Program

The Shin-Shin program offers a transformative year of service for Israeli youth, allowing
them to volunteer before military duty. In Westchester, these young ambassadors
immerse themselves in local institutions to share Israeli culture, fostering connections
and understanding of contemporary Israel.

Institutions gain cultural enrichment and stronger ties with Israel. Our Shin-Shinim work
within institutions such as synagogues, nursery schools, day schools, youth groups and
camps. They also participate in adult programming, retreats, and events, serving as
cultural ambassadors and fostering Israel engagement. The program aims to build
bridges between Israeli youth and Jewish communities, fostering educational dialogue
and strengthening Jewish ties for a secure future.

Are you interested in having a Shinshin at your institution?

Image by Cole Keister

Host families experience firsthand cultural exchange and connection with youthful Shin-
Shinim. Many host families consider hosting a Shin-Shin as a highlight, deepening their
understanding of Israeli life and forming lasting bonds with the Shin-Shinim, who benefit
greatly from the support and transition assistance provided by their host families

Are you interested in hosting a Shinshin?

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